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Okay, you asked me to show you all churches in Brandon, MB. Let’s see what I found.

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Churches in Brandon, MB

Edit Bethel Christian AssemblyBethel Christian Assembly

Affiliated with Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
440 Richmond Ave
Brandon, MB

Edit Brandon Church of ChristBrandon Church of Christ

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
241-10th St. E.
Brandon, MB

Edit Brandon Vineyard Christian FellowshipBrandon Vineyard Christian Fellowship

Affiliated with Vineyard Churches Canada
1236 4th Street
Brandon, MB

Edit Calvary TempleCalvary Temple

Affiliated with Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
620 34th St
Brandon, MB

Edit Central United ChurchCentral United Church

Affiliated with United Church of Canada
327-8th Street
Brandon, MB

Edit Centro Familiar Cristiano El Shaddai Church Inc. Brandon MbCentro Familiar Cristiano El Shaddai Church Inc. Brandon Mb

Affiliated with Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada
440 Richmond Ave.
1526 10 Th St
Brandon, MB

Edit Christian Life CentreChristian Life Centre

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
155 16th Str Corner Princess
Brandon, MB

Edit Church of NazareneChurch of Nazarene

Affiliated with Church of the Nazarene in Canada
411-9th Street
Brandon, MB

Edit Church of St Mary the Virgin theChurch of St Mary the Virgin the

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
401 1st Street
Brandon, MB

Edit Cities ChurchCities Church

Affiliated with Independent
1037 Lorne Ave.
Brandon, MB

Edit Douglas United ChurchDouglas United Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
Rr #5, Box 19, Site 570
Brandon, MB

Edit Ebenezer Christian ChurchEbenezer Christian Church

Affiliated with Evangelical Mennonite Conference
1037 Lorne Ave
Brandon, MB

Edit Faith Fellowship Baptist ChurchFaith Fellowship Baptist Church

Affiliated with Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada
4 Willowdale Cres.
Brandon, MB

Edit First Baptist ChurchFirst Baptist Church

Affiliated with Baptist (denomination Unknown)
3881 Park Avenue
Brandon, MB

Edit First Christian Reformed ChurchFirst Christian Reformed Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
1509 Victoria Ave
Brandon, MB

Edit First Presbyterian ChurchFirst Presbyterian Church

Affiliated with Presbyterian (denomination Unknown)
339 12th St
Brandon, MB

Edit Grace English Lutheran ChurchGrace English Lutheran Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
3101 Victoria Ave.
Brandon, MB

Edit Grace Mennonite ChurchGrace Mennonite Church

Affiliated with Mennonite (denomination Unknown)
951-10th St
Brandon, MB

Edit Grand Valley Community ChurchGrand Valley Community Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
504 22nd St
Brandon, MB

Edit Iglesia Pentecostal Unida LatinoamericanaIglesia Pentecostal Unida Latinoamericana

Affiliated with Pentecostal (denomination Unknown)
910 9th Street
Brandon, MB

Edit Justice United ChurchJustice United Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
611 Brentwood West
Brandon, MB

Edit Knox United ChurchKnox United Church

Affiliated with United Church of Canada
451 18th St
Brandon, MB

Edit Mcdiarmid Drive Alliance ChurchMcdiarmid Drive Alliance Church

Affiliated with Christian and Missionary Alliance
635 Mcdiarmid Drive
Brandon, MB

Edit New Life Community ChurchNew Life Community Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
730 - 25th Street
Brandon, MB

Edit Redeemer Lutheran ChurchRedeemer Lutheran Church

Affiliated with Lutheran (denomination Unknown)
114 Ash Grove Blvd
Brandon, MB

Edit Richmond Park Mennonite Brethren ChurchRichmond Park Mennonite Brethren Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
332 22nd Street
Brandon, MB

Edit Salvation Army Brandon Corps theSalvation Army Brandon Corps the

Affiliated with Salvation Army
9 Princess Ave
Brandon, MB

Edit Southminster Presbyterian ChurchSouthminster Presbyterian Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
1618 8th St
Brandon, MB

Edit St Andrew's Presbyterian ChurchSt Andrew's Presbyterian Church

Affiliated with Presbyterian (denomination Unknown)
50 Basswood Bay
Brandon, MB

Edit St Augustine of Canterbury ParishSt Augustine of Canterbury Parish

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
327 Fourth Street
Brandon, MB

Edit St Hedwig's ParishSt Hedwig's Parish

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
227-11 Street
Brandon, MB

Edit St Josephs Polish National Catholic ChurchSt Josephs Polish National Catholic Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
1111 Assiniboine Avenue
Brandon, MB

Edit St Mary's Ukrainian Catholic ParishSt Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Parish

Affiliated with Ukrainian Catholic Church
933 Assimboine Avenue
Brandon, MB

Edit St Matthew's CathedralSt Matthew's Cathedral

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
403-13th St
Brandon, MB

Edit Tabernacle of the Lord IncTabernacle of the Lord Inc

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
1127 5th Street
Brandon, MB

Edit The Gate Church CommunityThe Gate Church Community

Affiliated with Independent
701 12th St. Betty Gibson School
4-1228 Rosser Ave.
Brandon, MB

Edit The Salvation Army Neepawa CorpsThe Salvation Army Neepawa Corps

Affiliated with Salvation Army
9 Princess Avenue E
Brandon, MB

Edit The Synod of the Diocese of BrandonThe Synod of the Diocese of Brandon

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
Box 21009 W E P O
Brandon, MB

Edit Ukranian Orthodox Church of Holy Ghost BrandonUkranian Orthodox Church of Holy Ghost Brandon

Affiliated with Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada
1133 Stickney Av
Brandon, MB

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Cities in MB

  1. Alonsa, MB
  2. Altamont, MB
  3. Altona, MB
  4. Amaranth, MB
  5. Angusville, MB
  6. Anola, MB
  7. Arborg, MB
  8. Arborg, MB
  9. Arden, MB
  10. Arnaud, MB
  11. Ashern, MB
  12. Ashville, MB
  13. Aubigny, MB
  14. Austin, MB
  15. Bagot, MB
  16. Baldur, MB
  17. Balmoral, MB
  18. Beausejour, MB
  19. Belmont, MB
  20. Benito, MB
  21. Berens River, MB
  22. Beulah, MB
  23. Birch River, MB
  24. Birnie, MB
  25. Birtle, MB
  26. Bissett, MB
  27. Bloodvein River, MB
  28. Blumenort, MB
  29. Boissevain, MB
  30. Bowsman, MB
  31. Bradwardine, MB
  32. Brandon, MB
  33. Brandon, MB
  34. Brochet, MB
  35. Brookdale, MB
  36. Brunkild, MB
  37. Bruxelles, MB
  38. Camperville, MB
  39. Carberry, MB
  40. Cardale, MB
  41. Carman, MB
  42. Cartwright, MB
  43. Churchill, MB
  44. Clandeboye, MB
  45. Clearwater, MB
  46. Cormorant, MB
  47. Cranberry Portage, MB
  48. Cromer, MB
  49. Crystal City, MB
  50. Cypress River, MB
  51. Dallas, MB
  52. Darlingford, MB
  53. Dauphin, MB
  54. Dauphin River, MB
  55. Dawson, MB
  56. Deloraine, MB
  57. Domain, MB
  58. Dominion City, MB
  59. Dugald, MB
  60. Dunrea, MB
  61. Durban, MB
  62. East Braintree, MB
  63. East Selkirk, MB
  64. East St. Paul, MB
  65. Easterville, MB
  66. Eden, MB
  67. Edwin, MB
  68. Elgin, MB
  69. Elgin Manitoba, MB
  70. Elie, MB
  71. Elkhorn, MB
  72. Elm Creek, MB
  73. Elma, MB
  74. Elphinstone, MB
  75. Emerson, MB
  76. Erickson, MB
  77. Eriksdale, MB
  78. Erksdale, MB
  79. Ethelbert, MB
  80. Fairford, MB
  81. Falcon Lake, MB
  82. Fisher Branch, MB
  83. Flin Flon, MB
  84. Fort Alexander, MB
  85. Foxwarren, MB
  86. Fraserwood, MB
  87. Gardenton, MB
  88. Garson Quarry, MB
  89. Gilbert Plains, MB
  90. Gilbert Plains, MB
  91. Gillam, MB
  92. Gimli, MB
  93. Gladstone, MB
  94. Gladstone, MB
  95. Glenboro, MB
  96. Glenella, MB
  97. God's Lake Narrows, MB
  98. Goodlands, MB
  99. Grand Marais, MB
  100. Grand Rapids, MB
  101. Grandview, MB
  102. Graysville, MB
  103. Gretna, MB
  104. Griswold, MB
  105. Grosse Isle, MB
  106. Grunthal, MB
  107. Hadashville, MB
  108. Hamiota, MB
  109. Hartney, MB
  110. Haywood, MB
  111. Headingley, MB
  112. High Bluff, MB
  113. Hodgson, MB
  114. Holland, MB
  115. Ile-De-Chenes, MB
  116. Inglis, MB
  117. Inwood, MB
  118. Isabella, MB
  119. Island Lake, MB
  120. Justice, MB
  121. Kelwood, MB
  122. Kenton, MB
  123. Kenville, MB
  124. Killarney, MB
  125. Kinosota, MB
  126. Kleefeld, MB
  127. Kola, MB
  128. Komarno, MB
  129. Koostatak, MB
  130. La Broquerie, MB
  131. La Riviere, MB
  132. La Salle, MB
  133. Lac Du Bonnet, MB
  134. Landmark, MB
  135. Langruth, MB
  136. Lauder, MB
  137. Laurier, MB
  138. Leaf Rapids, MB
  139. Lenore, MB
  140. Letellier, MB
  141. Little Grand Rapids, MB
  142. Lockport, MB
  143. Lorette, MB
  144. Lowe Farm, MB
  145. Lundar, MB
  146. Lynn Lake, MB
  147. Macgregor, MB
  148. Manitou, MB
  149. Margaret, MB
  150. Mariapolis, MB
  151. Marquette, MB
  152. Mather, MB
  153. Matlock, MB
  154. Mccreary, MB
  155. Melita, MB
  156. Miami, MB
  157. Miniota, MB
  158. Minitonas, MB
  159. Minnedosa, MB
  160. Minto, MB
  161. Moose Lake, MB
  162. Moosehorn, MB
  163. Morden, MB
  164. Morris, MB
  165. Neepawa, MB
  166. Newdale, MB
  167. Newton, MB
  168. Ninette, MB
  169. Niverville, MB
  170. Norway House, MB
  171. Notre Dame De Lourdes, MB
  172. Oak Bluff, MB
  173. Oak Lake, MB
  174. Oakbank, MB
  175. Oakburn, MB
  176. Oakriver, MB
  177. Oakville, MB
  178. Otterburne, MB
  179. Oxford House, MB
  180. Pansy, MB
  181. Peguis, MB
  182. Pelican Rapids, MB
  183. Pierson, MB
  184. Pikwitonei, MB
  185. Pilot Mound, MB
  186. Pinawa, MB
  187. Pine Falls, MB
  188. Pine River, MB
  189. Piney, MB
  190. Plum Coulee, MB
  191. Plumas, MB
  192. Poplar Point, MB
  193. Poplar Pont, MB
  194. Poplar River, MB
  195. Portage La Prairie, MB
  196. Powerview, MB
  197. Rapid City, MB
  198. Rathwell, MB
  199. Reston, MB
  200. Ridgeville, MB
  201. Rivers, MB
  202. Riverton, MB
  203. Roblin, MB
  204. Rockridge, MB
  205. Roland, MB
  206. Rorketon, MB
  207. Rosa, MB
  208. Roseau River, MB
  209. Roseisle, MB
  210. Rosenfeld, MB
  211. Rosenort, MB
  212. Rossburn, MB
  213. Rosser, MB
  214. Russell, MB
  215. Saint Adolphe, MB
  216. Saint Vital, MB
  217. Sainte Agathe, MB
  218. San Clara, MB
  219. Sandy Lake, MB
  220. Selkirk, MB
  221. Seven Sisters Falls, MB
  222. Shamattawa, MB
  223. Shilo, MB
  224. Shoal Lake, MB
  225. Shortdale, MB
  226. Sidney, MB
  227. Sinclair, MB
  228. Skownan, MB
  229. Snow Lake, MB
  230. Somerset, MB
  231. Souris, MB
  232. South Junction, MB
  233. Sprague, MB
  234. Springstein, MB
  235. St. Alphonse, MB
  236. St. Ambroise, MB
  237. St. Andrews, MB
  238. St. Boniface, MB
  239. St. Claude, MB
  240. St. Franc-Xavr, MB
  241. St. Francois Xavier, MB
  242. St. Jean -Baptiste, MB
  243. St. Joseph, MB
  244. St. Laurent, MB
  245. St. Leon, MB
  246. St. Malo, MB
  247. St. Malo, MB
  248. St. Martin, MB
  249. St. Norbert, MB
  250. St. Pierre, MB
  251. St. Pierre-Jolys, MB
  252. St. Vital, MB
  253. St. Vital, MB
  254. Starbuck, MB
  255. Ste Anne, MB
  256. Ste Rose, MB
  257. Ste Rose Du Lac, MB
  258. Ste-Anne, MB
  259. Ste. Anne, MB
  260. Stead, MB
  261. Steinbach, MB
  262. Stephenfield, MB
  263. Stonewall, MB
  264. Stony Mountain, MB
  265. Strathclair, MB
  266. Stuartburn, MB
  267. Swan River, MB
  268. Teulon, MB
  269. The Pas, MB
  270. Thompson, MB
  271. Thompson, MB
  272. Tolstoi, MB
  273. Transcona, MB
  274. Treherne, MB
  275. Virden, MB
  276. Vita, MB
  277. Waasagomach Bay, MB
  278. Waldersee, MB
  279. Wanguru, MB
  280. Wanless, MB
  281. Waskada, MB
  282. Wawanesa, MB
  283. Wawanesa.man, MB
  284. Waywayseecappo, MB
  285. West Hawk Lake, MB
  286. West St. Paul, MB
  287. Westbourne, MB
  288. Whitemouth, MB
  289. Winkler, MB
  290. Winkler Mb., MB
  291. Winklerulee, MB
  292. Winnipeg, MB
  293. Winnipeg, MB
  294. Winnipeg, MB
  295. Winnipeg, MB
  296. Winnipeg Beach, MB
  297. Winnipegosis, MB
  298. Woodlands, MB
  299. Woodmore, MB

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