The Directory E-pistleVOl 17.1 January - March 2017
What’s New and What’s Next? - Cord LaFond

This year makes 17 years we have been building the directory, . It has been a labour of love, but while we are gaining on our goal, we have some distance to go. We have never monetized the directory because we have tried to not be about chasing filthy lucre.

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E-mail Etiquette
    Your Church E-mail Address - Cord LaFond

As the Internet community becomes more relevant to your church, your church e-mail address is becoming more important. . . . Your church e-mail address should belong to the church. . . .

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God Reads My E-mail - Cord LaFond

Do you ever get overwhelmed by floods of e-mail from people you don’t know? . . . Then God started reading my e-mail. Turns out He has been reading it all along, but one day as I was clicking my magic little ‘x’ I heard the still small voice.

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Your Church Website
    Go Ye Into the World Wide Web - Cord LaFond

The history of the church is punctuated with telling resistance to change. Eventually we saw the benefits of Caesar’s network of roads, the printed page, scriptures in Braille, audio recording, video recording. Every church office has a telephone today. These all seem facetious in today’s conversation, but each one met with some measure of resistance as it stepped across the threshold onto the pages of time.

And so it has been with the World Wide Web.
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About Canadian Church Directory

Our mission, our commitment to your privacy, how you can help . . .

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Is Your Church Listed?

Please take a minute to confirm that your church is listed and that the contact information is current. Please encourage other churches in your community or denomination to do the same.

Listing is FREE

Among the commitments we are adamant about is that a basic listing in our directory is absolutely free. We want every Christian Church to be listed. Our plumb line is the Apostle's Creed. If a church can embrace the fundamental tenants in the Creed, we want them in our directory. We are developing a completely optional value added package for churches who want to post more information - times of services, pictures, a pastoral greeting, etc. There will be a nominal fee for this, but a basic listing is Free.

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