About Camp Muskoka

Camp Muskoka is a leading Weekend Retreat Facility, Outdoor Education Leadership Centre, and Summer Camp, that caters to a wide variety of clients throughout the year. We boast comfy, modern accommodations and meeting spaces, in the heart of the beautiful Muskoka wilderness. Why choose Camp Muskoka for your Church Retreat?

Here are the top 5 reasons groups choose us:

  • FACILITIES – situated on 500 acres of Muskoka wilderness with walking trails, games fields, private spring fed lake, featuring over 40,000sq.ft. of indoor space which includes our 3700sq.ft. conference hall known as ‘The Pavilion’.
  • COMFORTABLE MODERN LODGING – All of our comfy modern accommodations have heat, air conditioning, and indoor washrooms & showers!
  • FOOD – We are known for providing nutritious, quality meals, and accommodate all types of dietary needs!
  • STAFF LOUNGES – We provide awesome staff lounges for your group leaders! WIFI access & satellite TV is offered in a comfortable private lounge – we love to spoil our guests!
  • EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES – We are always looking for enthusiastic staff to fill positions for our Summer Camp – must be 17 yrs of age!

FUN is in everything we do at Camp Muskoka. If you require our staff for programming, we are happy to provide. If you simply need to rent our facility, we are happy to arrange. We love to customize your weekend to suit your needs, so feel free to give us your details, and we will take it from there! We can help with planning your retreat as much or as little as you need.

Take a tour of Camp Muskoka by visiting our website www.campmuskoka.com We would love to put together a customized quote to suit your needs and build a tradition with your congregation.

We hope this information has been helpful, and we look forward to hearing from you! Kind regards,

Got Comfort?

Read what our campers have said about us.

Camp Muskoka is a one of the best sites in Ontario that an organization can book for their outdoor retreat/ event. The staff were very accommodating and great to work with, starting with the people in the sales department, the kitchen, and the hosts who helped us to execute our event with them. The site itself is extremely well maintained and very beautiful. I really appreciated their ability to listen, and how they accommodated special requests (such as in our case, halal meals for our guests). You could not ask for a better camp than this one!

Camp Muskoka has long been a favourite retreat venue for our group. The booking process is made easy, and the communication is clear, which makes it a breeze to coordinate. The staff is exceptionally friendly and is very attentive our needs. The accommodations are amazing, and the food is never a disappointment. Large and small meeting spaces are well maintained and top notch! I highly recommend Camp Muskoka for all of your Retreat needs!

Got Friends?

To talk about Camp Muskoka is to equate it with AWESOMENESS! The Bridge has had the privilege of using the facilities for the past three years.

Got Quiet?

Since the camp is not considered a ‘Christian camp’ many of my students have attended the camp with their schools and had a chance to see their names on paddles along the walls in the mess hall. I have had students bring school friends out because Camp Muskoka was a neutral place their friends went to with their schools.

Got Campfires?

I appreciate how accommodating Camp Muskoka is to our needs as a church youth group, and their willingness to work with our schedules. In terms of the price point, they would be comparable or even cheaper than many camps, but we got more bang for buck at this camp.

Got More Campfires?

In terms of the program there, we had requested for the staff to lead games and activities. It is great for our church leadership to be able to participate instead of having to worry about planning games and activities. If you attend for the first time, you need to do the Inuit blanket, it is high-flying action!